Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Warhammer Tilean (Empire) Mercenary Army - Barbella's Pikemen of Remas

 So here we have the beginning of the next unit in my Tilean mercenary contingent, the first five members of Barbella's Pikemen of Remas.

 The figures of course, are from the Alcatani Fellowship range but I've decided not to use the leader model, partly because I feel he doesn't really fit in with the rest of the Alcatani figures, despite being a decent sculpt. I thought the trooper holding his helmet made a fitting commander with his distinct classical style so I've gone for him.

  Gianni Barbella is the son of one of the merchant princes of Remas. Despite the tender age of eighteen, Gianni is a highly respected and capable commander, adored by his troops.
 Remas is well renowned for its pikemen units such as Ricco's Republican Guard and the Alcatani Fellowship. Barbella's company are no exception.

 I'm still hunting for about half a dozen figures to complete the unit so it may take a while to draw a line under them. As before, I'll list the stats of Gianni and the unit once they're all done.

 I'll be continuing with the halberdiers next and will post another four up at some point next week.


  1. Fantastic, absolutely great, a pleasure to the eye!