Tuesday 14 July 2020

Warhammer Tilean (Empire) Mercenary Army - more Halberdiers of Trantio

 Just a quick update for now; four more halberdiers have joined the unit. Two of them are the plug in weapon imperial footsoldier models who will fit on each end of the front row which is now complete.

 I always thought the guy second from left was a bit on the small side compared to the other halberdiers that were released at the time. I was always reluctant to add him to the unit because of his slightly smaller scale but despite that, I've given him the nod.

The front rank

 I've five left to paint to complete the unit of eighteen but I'm going to give myself a break for now and work on a Tilean mortar next to break things up a bit.


  1. Beautiful beyond any description. I simply love them. The short guy doesn't look that small, I think he fits in the unit. You took the right choice here :)

    1. Thanks very much Suber! Im pleased with the uniform. Yes, now he's in there among the others, he looks just fine.