Friday, 11 February 2022

Citadel C23 Ogre - Hrothyogg, mercenary captain


 After the intensity of the dwarf juggernaut project, I've decided to hold fire on another large scale venture so soon and thought it would be a good idea to tackle some single miniatures instead, something a little more manageable for now.

 I've decided on a bit of a Citadel classic, one that's pretty popular among the Oldhammer community, Hrothyogg the mercenary ogre captain.

 One of the second wave of Jes Goodwin C23 ogres, Hrothyogg was the first 40mm base miniature I ever bought back in 1986 when he was first released. My original one is long gone unfortunately but this cast has been sat in my random Citadel box for a few years now. 

 Annoyingly there is a bit if miscasting under the right arm but thankfully it doesn't notice too much when looking at him straight on.

 I don't have all of the Jes Goodwin ogres by a long shot but I'd say I do have all of my favourites. I may well tackle a couple of more of them this year seeing how much I enjoyed this one. 

When two legends meet - Gladius & Hrothyogg 

 So spending a couple of weeks on Hrothyogg has given me time to work out what to focus on next in the coming weeks. I think it's high time I tackled some of the classic Citadel undead models which I have had in mind for some time but up until now haven't quite got to greenlight stage. Plus after wanting to start a fantasy vignette for several months but not having a theme finalised, I may have a plan in motion for that.


  1. It's easy to see why this model is so popular, but your paintjob made it look truly exceptional. I love it!

  2. Fantastic work sir!
    One of my favourite model ever!

    1. Thank you Michał. Would like to see you paint one.

  3. I always liked this mini and you have done the classic sculpt justice.

  4. Such a classic fig! No idea why I never got one back in the day.

    Smashing paint job and lovely scheme to boot

  5. Very cool - lovely paintwork on a true classic mini!

  6. Straight from the Hall of Fame and from the hands of Jes Goodwin, here is one of the most fascinating ogres of days gone by! Excellent your work on the miniature, and the different design of the breeches adds a touch of originality. We would love to have one too, and seeing how your miniature turned out made us want it again ... If we remember correctly, somewhere we read that Hrothyogg had served in the ranks of the dwarves during the Goblin wars, so not was of chaotic alignment ... but who knows how he will react when he meets Gladius? Will there be a fight to the death, or will they exchange compliments for their respective crests?