Saturday, 31 December 2022

2022 - Review Time!


 Well it's been a bit of a quiet year really in comparison with others. I've not actually blogged since September, although I did paint the odd model since then but but hadn't got around to adding them on here. 

 So back in early January, I produced the highlight of my year, personally: the Dwarf Juggernaut from the Citadel Arcane Monstrosities range.

 Some notable alterations were made, such as a different crew and the imperial flame cannon on the main deck.

 The plan was to carry on with the large scale machine theme with a repaint of the Chaos Battering Ram from the same range but I think it was too much to take on after weeks of working on a equally sizeable project so I went for a single model instead, Hrothyogg from the classic Jes Goodwin ogre range.

 I did make a start on a French unit for The Silver Bayonet, the Napoleonic gothic horror game, using Flintloque elves. Didn't get the whole unit wrapped up as I was getting drawn into the next project but I'll return to them for sure.

 I then took on another fairly small project, a tactical squad of Rogue Trader Space Marines, incidentally the first 40k models I had painted in five years. The plan is to add other squads in the same colours over time.

 I was really keen to start on another Tilean mercenary regiment but only got as far as two of the command models before running out of steam. There's plenty of great characterful figures that will feature in the unit though when I'm good and ready.

 It was only a matter of time before I revisited my long ongoing Dixon Miniatures American Civil War project, this time with another Confederate regiment, the 5th Texas Infantry. This was followed by some dismounted Confederate cavalry. 

 The last couple of months of 2022 were a bit hit and miss with several ideas floating around but just not finding the momentum to undergo any of them. Frustrating to say the least. Although, I did repaint my Asgard Half Troll which will represent my beastlord for my beastman/broo regiment. Plus I'd been looking for a suitable armour technique to use on my chaos warriors when the time comes and my test model was a success!

So, sadly no grand effort at the close of the year. I have been working on a couple of projects over the Christmas holidays that should both see completion in January though. I'm still holding out for my diorama that I was aiming for during 2022 but then again, that was planned for 2021 as well. Third year lucky hopefully!




  1. We are happy to read your update and to see the successes of your last year. Some we knew and had already appreciated; others are pleasant surprises. Among the latter we particularly like the Asgard half-troll and the two champions of Tilea. A curiosity: to which manufacturer and range does the champion with the pistol and helmet on the left belong?
    We wish you a fruitful new year, and look forward to seeing your completed diorama!

    1. Many thanks for your kind words! The Tilean champion is a model is a personal commission sculpt by the talented Alessio Cisbani of Wolfbane Art. Thank you both for the new years wishes and I hope you both have an enjoyable 2023 with the hobby. Hopefully third time lucky this will be the year the diorama happens. I have all the pieces to start it, just need the enthusiasm!

  2. Nice work on the marines! Love that asgard half troll and the dwarf juggernaut is breahtaking!

    1. Thanks a lot! The marines seemed to go down well generally and have plans for more. The juggernaut was probably my personal highlight. Nice to get it done.

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    1. And you you my friend! May it be a productive one!